Stockholm men ‘sexiest in the world’

Despite the cold temperatures, the blisteringly hot men from Stockholm have been voted the sexiest in the entire world.

“Presented entirely by a woman’s perspective”, a survey by Travelers Digest ranked Sweden’s capital, ahead of New York and Amsterdam, as the best city in the world to find good looking gents.

Writing on its website, Travelers Digest explained that gaining a place on the totty table has nothing to do with personality.

“Swedish men are often stereotyped as cold, emotionally distant loners and inexplicably mistaken for Swiss guys,” Travelers Digest explained. “On the plus side, they are also generally considered aesthetically pleasing due to their fine-boned Nordic attributes and exceptional height advantage.”

Swedish stallions have been catching eyes around the world at least since the 1970s, when blonde bombshell Björn Borg packed a punch on international tennis courts. Modern-day dreamboats include actor Alexander Skarsgård, pop star Måns Zelmerlöv and footballer Fredrik Ljungberg.

Travelers Digest describes the quintessential Stockholm hunk as an “impeccably-dressed clotheshorse”, who enjoys everything from “food to fashion, culture to hearth”.

The website also gives some handy tips of how to hold down such a hottie.

“Despite the fact that one must practice patience when engaging in the slightly bizarre ritual known as the Swedish courting process, once you have captured the heart and imagination of your elegant gent he will be devoted to you for life,” the article reads. “What’s more irresistible than that?”

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