New details emerge in Reykjavík lawyer stabbing case

The manager of Reykjavík’s Lagastoð legal office, who is in serious condition in hospital after being stabbed, had just significantly reduced his attacker’s fee bill before the attack, it has been revealed.

The manager had reduced the attacker’s fees by ISK 30,000, from ISK 80,000 down to ISK 50,000 (ISK 50,000 = EUR 302) and the pair had come to an agreement before the attack. The office manager is still in a critical condition.

According to new evidence reported by Ví, the manager met with the attacker, Guðgeir Guðmundsson, when he called into the office about a debt issue relating to a charge of around ISK 80,000.

They went into the manager’s office together and talked for a long while and negotiated what seemed like an agreeable settlement. The manager printed a form to confirm that the two men had come to an agreement and a note to that effect was put into the computer system.

It appears, therefore, that Guðgeir did not attack the manager upon entering the office, as has previously been reported; but rather when he was about to leave. According to Vísir sources, he shook the manager’s hand and pulled his body into him, whereupon he stabbed him with his knife.

The manager is still being held unconscious and doctors describe his condition as critical.

The case has been widely reported in the UK because of the involvement of former Iceland, Bolton and Tottenham footballer, turned lawyer, Guðni Bergsson. Guðni was stabbed twice in the thigh attempting to help his colleague.

In an interview with The Bolton News Guðni Bergsson described the event, saying that he saw the attack taking place and rushed to try and grab the knife from the attacker. He succeeded in doing so, and also managed to hold the man down until the police arrived. Guðni told the British paper he is in shock following the attack, but that he is thinking most of his colleague and hoping that he pulls through.

Guðgeir Guðmundsson will remain in police custody until at least Friday, and has been ordered to undergo psychiatric testing.

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