Cash machine criminals held by Reykjavík police

Two Romanian men have been remanded in police custody in Iceland after having copied the magnetic strips of at least a thousand debit and credit cards in two Reykjavík cash machines.

The men were arrested on Saturday; apparently at one of the cash machines involved.

The technology allows criminals to attach an external card reader over the machine’s own card insert hole. The unauthorised addition often looks like part of the machine and it sneakily reads and stores card information as it is fed through to the cash machine itself.

The men had already sent the stolen card details overseas and cash had been taken out of some of the accounts from other countries. Only a small amount of money was taken however, Ví reports.

All the affected cards have since been cancelled and customers informed of what has happened.

This is not the first time Icelanders have fallen victim to such a crime. There are several cases on record, including one from 2008 when a Romanian and a German were caught trying to leave the country with ISK 4 million in their luggage. It is thought the money was stolen from cash machines.

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