Attempted murder of lawyer in Reykjavík

A man of around 60 is being kept in an artificial coma in a Reykjavík hospital after a murder attempt at the lawyers’ office he works at yesterday morning.

The man, reported to be the legal office manager at Lagastöð on Lágmúla, a street in Reykjavík, was stabbed in the chest, neck and abdomen, Ví reports.

The attack took place shortly after 09.00 yesterday morning, when police received a call that a man was in the office armed with a knife, and had attacked a staff member.

The man reportedly wanted to talk to somebody about a debt collection case on one of his loans. He then attacked the lawyer with his knife, stabbing him several times.

The victim’s colleague, former professional footballer Guðni Bergsson, tried to help and was stabbed twice in the thigh; but the attacker was quickly overcome and police were able to arrest him at the scene. Police have since confirmed that he was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The victim is around 60-years-old. He was transported to hospital where it quickly became apparent he needed extensive emergency surgery. The man had injuries to the chest, neck and abdomen. He is now in intensive care.

The attacker was interrogated yesterday and police will request permission to keep him in custody from the district court this morning.

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