Reykjavík schools see lower preceived level of bullying

The instance of bullying among children at Reykjavík’s elementary schools is at a lower level now than it has been for years, according to a new perception survey among parents.

Results of the opinion survey conducted among parents in February show that around 90 percent of parents believe their children always or usually feel good at school.

Fewer parents said that their children had been victims of bullying than in the last such survey which was conducted in 2010.

Around 70 percent of parents who said their children had been bullied at school also said they felt the school had dealt with the issue well; and 80 percent of parents said they feel schools are working hard to comply with the national elementary schools’ anti-bullying plan.

A separate survey, the school pulse, from January concluded that fewer children in years six to ten were being bullied than in January 2011 – or around three percent. That is around the same level as was measured in schools outside the Reykjavík area as well.

There continues to be proportionately less bullying in bigger schools than smaller ones, RÚV reported.