Four sentenced in Reykjavík Greek tourist attack case

Three men were yesterday sentenced to prison at the Reykjavík District Court for a serious physical attack on a Greek tourist in May 2010. The fourth defendant was handed a probationary sentence.

The judges’ verdict concludes the trial, which has previously been reported on for its unusual elements.

The three men were found guilty of having perpetrated violence against the man, including heavy punches and kicks in various parts of his body, head and face.

Most witnesses in the case testified that the men got out of a car on Bankastræti in central Reykjavík, gathered around the Greek man and started kicking him repeatedly in the head in an attack the court ruled as unprovoked.

Two of the men were sentenced to two years in prison for the attack, served unconditionally. Their names are Halldór Arnar Karlsson and Guðni Guillermo Gorozpe. The third man will spend 16 month behind bars and the fourth defendant was sentenced to six months, probationary.

The Greek victim died in Italy in December of unrelated causes, so his mother was allowed to bear witness on the telephone to Reykjavík on his behalf; describing the mental impacts the attack had on her son, Ví reports.

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