Suspected baby killer tells court she was never pregnant

The woman accused of having killed her newborn baby and disposing of the corpse in a Reykjavík hotel’s dustbin last summer is today on the witness stand in court and sticking to her story that she was never even pregnant.

“I knew the whole time that I was not pregnant,” Agné Krataviciuté told the Reykjavík District Court this morning.

Agné is accused of manslaughter. On Saturday 2nd July 2011 she is accused of having given birth to a healthy baby boy in a bathroom at her then-place-of-work, Hótel Frón in central Reykjavík. After this, prosecutors allege, she injured the baby twice in the face before killing him by strangulation. Agné denies the charges, DV reports.

She denies having given birth to the baby, she denies having even been pregnant, and she vehemently denies injuring and killing the baby. She says she has no idea why police and medical professionals are convinced she did give birth to the child.

Agné says that the Saturday in question had been very ordinary. She says she was busy working at Hótel Frón as there was a lot to do that day. She then became dizzy and felt poorly, so went to the bathroom. There she noticed a lot of blood and says she remembers thinking to herself that although she usually has heavy periods, there was never usually that much blood. She says she cleaned herself up and went downstairs where people noticed how sick she looked and she was sent home.

She then telephoned her father-in-law, who came to pick her up along with his son, her fiancé, and they all went together to hospital.

Asked if anybody had ever asked her whether she was pregnant, she said that a friend and her mother-in-law had both asked her, but that she had responded she was not pregnant and that it was not on the agenda.

Agné has undergone two psychiatric evaluations and doctors declared her fit for trial in both cases. If found guilty she could be sentenced to 16 years in prison.