Icelandic constitution referendum “could be too complicated”

University of Iceland law reader and EFTA court secretary Skúli Magnússon says the draft bill on a new constitution for Iceland is too diverse to be put to the nation in a single referendum.

There are simply too many complicated strategic elements all together in one place for it to be possible to hope the public can make a reasoned and fair decision to accept or reject it.

Ví reports that Skúli was a member of the constitutional council which was assembled in 2010 to prepare a new draft constitution in co-operation with all interested parties and individuals.

“When the nation has faced proposals concerning the new constitution before, the issues have been one-dimensional and the questions decisive. That is not the case this time. Now it is by no means clear in which direction the constitution will develop and change,” Skúli says.

The chairman of the Alþingi constitutional and supervisory committee last week put forth a motion that the public should vote on the new constitution as a whole in a referendum this summer.