More people cycling in Reykjavík

A new survey of transport in Reykjavík has revealed an upward trend in cycling.

There has been a major increase in cycling in Reykjavík. According to the new comprehensive study, 3.8 percent of respondents make all their journies by bicycle, compared to only 0.8 percent in 2002 when a similar survey was also carried out.

The most cycle journeys took place in Reykjavík city centre, the Vesturbær neighbourhood, Laugardalur and Árbær, or 6-7 percent. 61 percent of respondents say they cycle all year round or part of the year, and 39 percent never cycle.

The survey was carried out by Capacent Gallup and 10,140 people were asked to respond – 35 percent of whom agreed to take part, Ví reported.

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