Giant Iceland lake monster could become tourist attraction

The global popularity of the viral video allegedly depicting a legendary east Iceland lake monster should be used as a tourist attraction for the region, a local marketing manager says.

There is, however, little interest in selling small plastic replicas of the ‘monster’ in local shops.

Millions of people have seen Fljótsdalur farmer, Hjörtur Kjerúlf’s footage of an unexplained thing apparently swimming in the water, which may or may not be the Lagarfljóts Worm of legend. Now there are calls to harness the monster’s power for the tourism sector.

“We are going to try and follow this on by exploiting all this publicity and the search words which have come up because of this video,” says Skúli Björn Gunnarsson, the manager of the East Iceland Marketing Bureau. He told RÚV that it may now be time to make something more of the monster.

Skúli added that the Lagarfljóts Worm is not a new attraction and many people follow its story and alleged sightings in the same way that many people follow Loch Ness. He added that east Iceland has not yet shown interest in marketing its monster to tourists in the way that has been done in Scotland, including monster sighting tours and souvenir toys.

Skúli says that east Iceland needs to respect its monster heritage to the full and not change the character of the area.

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