Murder suspect in hospital after car chase

A suspect in a Danish murder case is in a coma after being seriously injured in a police car chase.

Kristian Heilmann was arrested last Thursday, a day after the body of 46 year-old daycare worker Judy Meiniche Simonsen was found in an ice house near Viborg.

Heilmann, 39, apparently turned up at the Blåkærgård group home where Ms Simonsen worked on Tuesday evening, with the pair informing other staff that they would be gone for an hour. When they failed to return four hours later, the manager of the care home called the police, who found Ms Simonsen’s mobile phone abandoned near to lake.

After discovering her body the next morning, police refused to confirm that she was murdered, but said “a very serious crime” had been committed. A manhunt followed, with police appealing to the public to keep a look out for Heilmann’s silver-grey Skoda Fabia.

Officers have confirmed that the suspect is in the trauma centre at Aarhus Hospital after being seriously injured in a car crash resulting from a dramatic police chase.

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