New Breivik assessment starts as lawyer under fire for leaks

A new psychiatric examination of Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik has begun, with Oslo City Court ruling that he will be assessed in jail as it is too dangerous to send him to hospital.

Newly appointed experts Terje Tørrisen and Agnar Aspaas had hoped to observe the right-wing extremist interacting with other patients at the Dikemark Sykehus institution, but will instead have to assess him in a one-man makeshift hospital room which is to be built at Ila prison.

To make matters even harder, Breivik claims he won’t co-operate with the new evaluation as he does not believe the psychiatrists are qualified to assess him. The new report was ordered in December after widespread criticism of the first evaluation, which concluded that the 32 year-old is insane.

Meanwhile, a court-appointed lawyer for the family of one of Breivik’s 77 victims may be removed from the case after allegedly leaking confidential information to the press. Officers believe they narrowed down the source from a possible 170, after a series of details from police interviews with both Breivik and survivors appeared in the national media. The court will decide this week if the lawyer is to be effectively sacked.

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