Iceland bank crash king to talk live to public today

Jón Ásgeir Jóhannesson, the former main owner of Baugur Group, will be on DV’s Direct Line with the general public later today. Jón Ásgeir, closely associated with Glitnir Bank and others, is one of Iceland’s most controversial pre-crash businessmen.

Between 14.00 and 16.00 GMT the hard-to-get-hold-of character will be on the website (through Facebook) interacting live with readers and answering their questions in a live web broadcast.

Jón Ásgeir was one of he most influential, and richest, figures in the Icelandic economic ‘miracle’, which ended in the spectacular crash of autumn 2008. Since then he has been a regular target for anger, ridicule and satire. After a long period of silence, he now appears to have embarked on a process of reputation recovery.

Jón Ásgeir has been in front of court judges on numerous occasions; including in a case concerning Glitnir Bank ownership, and another when the defunct bank’s resolution committee tried to recover a billion krónur in compensation for his alleged illegal owner intervention. The bank lost that case in New York, however.

DV reports that Jón Ásgeir gladly accepted the offer to take part in the Direct Line and says he looks forward to answering people’s questions. A succession of important figures have taken part in the series so far, including MP Lilja Mósesdóttir on Sunday and her parliamentary colleague Tryggvi Þór Herbertsson before her.

Readers wishing to ask questions need to connect to DV through their Facebook profile in order to take this rare opportunity to as questions live to arguably on of Iceland’s biggest ever fallen heroes. DV reminds readers that rude, overly-hostile or libellous questions will not get through.