Stamps stealers busted in huge heist

Danish police have arrested seven men in connection with the robbery of misprinted stamps worth millions.

Four truck drivers from Ballerup are accused of pinching the stamps, worth DKK 23 million (EUR 3.1 million), while on their way to an incinerator to have them destroyed.

The decision to burn the stamps was made by Post Danmark, the national postal service. According to tabloid EkstraBladet however, they were never cast into the fiery pits of the Amagerforbrændingen incinerator in Copenhagen.

A fifth man was also arrested the week before for allegedly stealing stamps worth DKK 150,000 (EUR 20,177), while another two have been charged with buying the stolen fare.

Police believe the men planned to sell their goods on the black market where they could have fetched half their face value, and a spokesman has warned the public against buying stolen stamps.

The suspects pleaded not guilty at a preliminary hearing at Glostrup Courthouse on 26th January. Superintendent Michael Liebst Sørensen of the Vestegn Police said they do not expect to make any further arrests.