Breivik calls for release and military honour

Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik appeared in court on Monday, demanding his release and a military honour.

During a one-minute statement allowed by Oslo District Court Judge Wenche Gjelsten, the right-wing extremists said, “I acted in self-defence for my people, culture, and country. I don’t accept being imprisoned and demand to be freed immediately,” adding that he should be awarded the military’s highest honour in battle, the War Cross with three swords, for his actions.

Judge Gjelsten denied his requests however, and agreed with police recommendations to keep him locked up without bail for at least another 12 weeks. “The Court places particular emphasis on that the accused has acknowledged blowing up government buildings and the shootings on Utøya,” she said in her ruling. Gjelsten added that Breivik had showed no remorse during questioning and said he would commit more offences.

The Norwegian national, who killed 77 people on 22nd July, lifted his cuffed hands as he entered the court room, in a gesture that is “a kind of Right-Wing extremist greeting,” according to his defence counsel Geir Lippestad. It is believed that 163 journalists were present at the hearing, as well as 80 survivors and family members of the deceased.

Breivik denied Judge Gjelsten’s authority, claiming, “She had been given her mandate by those who support multiculturalism.” Parts of his subsequent speech were met by smirks and laughter from the gallery.

According to NRK, Breivik said, “I recognise the actions but do not acknowledge guilt. The attack against government headquarters was directed against traitors who commit cultural destruction, deconstruction of the Norwegian ethnic group. It is the same as Norwegian ethnic cleansing.

“I am a militant militarist, a commander of the Knights Templar Norway. We in the Norwegian resistance movement are not going to sit and watch deconstruction. We will fight against traitors in the Labour Party.”

Breivik’s criminal trial is set to start on 16th April.