Murder in Hafnarfjörður

A man in his twenties is in police custody suspected of having killed a woman yesterday in Hafnarfjörður in the Reykjavík region, Icelandic police say.

The man, who was described as being in a strange state, took himself to the police station yesterday and told officers about an incident which had taken place at his home in Hafnarfjörður.

His explanation was extremely unclear so police decided to visit the house. Once there they discovered a woman in her thirties, already dead at the scene and with visible injuries.

The woman was in the man’s home as an invited guest and they had known one another for some time, Ví reports. Police officers took a blade from the scene as evidence. The man in custody was previously known to the police.

The investigation into the apparent murder is at a very early stage and not a lot of information is yet available, according to the police press release.