Icelandic phone book company releases front cover covers for offended citizens

The Icelandic phone book company has released stickers people can use to remove Egill Einarsson from the cover of the current book after the celebrity was accused of two rapes.

“We have made up two types of stickers for those who want them,” says Guðrún María Guðmundsdóttir, editor and department chief at Já, makers of the Icelandic phone book.

Já commissioned the design of the stickers to put on the phone book’s front cover because it features a prominent picture of a shirtless Egill Einarsson surrounded by the gymnastic girls of the Gerpla club. Two types of sticker are on offer for those wishing to change the look of their phone books. On features the gymnasts from the background and the other is designed to look like Egill has been ripped out of the page.

Guðrún María refused to comment further on the stickers. “They are, however, here and available for everybody who wants them,” she told Vísir. She would not say how many people have contacted Já asking for a solution along the lines of the new stickers.

Egill has been accused of two separate rapes in recent months and the eventual outcome is not yet clear. One of the cases, which is against both him and his girlfriend, was recently sent back from the state prosecutor to the police for further investigation, while the other case is still under initial investigation.

Já’s decision to feature Egill on its 2011 front cover was controversial at the time, even before the crime allegations arose.

The new phone book comes out in May and this year it is Reykjavík’s Borgarleikhúsið theatre which has been awarded the honorary editorship and will design the cover.

The stickers are available at the Já headquarters at Álfheimar.