Mother of attacked Greek tourist can act as witness in Iceland court case

The Supreme Court of Iceland has upheld a Reykjavík District Court decision to allow the mother of a Greek man, who was the victim of a severe physical assault in central Reykjavík in May 2010, to act as a witness on his behalf.

The mother is allowed to replace her son on the witness stand because he has been dead since December. His death had nothing to do with the attack in Iceland, however.

The mother will be called upon to describe her son’s physical and mental condition after the attack and her testimony could affect the level of sentencing if the defendants are found guilty. Three men are accused of attacking the Greek tourist and all defendants appealed against the mother’s planned inclusion in the case, as she will be biased and consumed with grief. The three men deny all charges, DV reports.

The men are alleged to have attacked the man on Þingholtsstræti in May 2010, and later by the bar Sólon on Bankastræti. The three men are all between 27 and 33 years-old and deny the charges.

One man admits to having grabbed the tourist by the collar from behind and says that some sort of a scuffle took place, but denies having punched or kicked him. The other two claim to have no memory of the events and say they had no contact at all with the tourist, although other witnesses claim otherwise.

The men are said to have been partying at Hótel Þingholt on the 6th May 2010 and on their way out one of them went over to the Greek tourist, held an alcoholic drink towards him and offered him a sip. The man is said to have declined; but one of the accused is said to have continued pressuring the Greek man, eventually leading him to grab the glass and throw it on the floor. One of the defendants said it had been a mistake to provoke the man. It is not clear what happened next, but a fight apparently took place. After that the three defendants apparently got into a car alongside others. The tourist, in his anger, kicked the car. None of the accused has admitted to getting back out of the car and attacking the tourist again. But witnesses claim that three men fitting the defendants’ descriptions attacked the tourist with a barrage of hard punches and kicks. The man was left lying bleeding on the floor and the police and an ambulance were called, which took the tourist to hospital.

At least one of the defendants is connected to the Outlaws gang.

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