Berserk captain ‘in second Antarctic bid’

The Norwegian captain of the ill-fated ‘Beserk’ expedition is being hunted by New Zealand authorities as he allegedly makes his second attempt to reach Antarctica.

Jarle Andhøy, 34, has apparently set out again, despite his last mission, which was branded foolhardy by many sailing experts, resulting in the presumed deaths of three crew members.

New Zealand authorities are looking for the 54-foot Nilaya yacht which sailed though Auckland last week. Samuel Massie, an 18 year-old survivor of last year’s tragedy, is also thought to be onboard, along with a photographer.

According to Radio New Zealand, New Zealand Customs Services are conducting a search for the yacht, while Maritime New Zealand officials have asked locals to keep a look out.

Berserk sank without a trace last year, with South African Leonard Banks and Norwegians Tom Gisle Bellika and Robert Skaanes never having been found. Jarle Andhøy, who describes himself as a Viking, was fined SEK 25,000 (EUR 2,804) for breaking the Antarctic Treaty by sailing without insurance.