Suspicious package in controlled police explosion at Iceland prime minister’s office

A suspicious box was found early this morning at the corner or Hverfisgata in Reykjavík — just outside the country’s Prime Ministry. A bomb disposal robot blew the package up and others are being searched for.

A section of the street near to the Prime Minister’s office remains cordoned off; although following the controlled explosion reporters have been allowed nearer as the danger level is believed to have dropped.

Bomb disposal teams from the police and the coastguard jointly disposed of the package in a controlled explosion. The package was found at 06.00. At around that time a security guard at the Prime Ministry reports hearing a bang.

Other people nearby also report hearing a loud bang, Ví reports. It appears that pictures or placards with political messages were stuck to the outside of the Prime Ministry this morning just before the bang was heard and before the package was discovered. Similar placards were also put outside the Ministry of the Interior.

Police decided then to search for suspicious objects in other nearby government ministries, but none were found. A cabinet meeting has been allowed to proceed inside the Prime Ministry as police now believe the area to be safe.

UPDATE: The latest news is that the building next to the Prime Ministry where the package was found and destroyed is the Icelandic base of the IMF and that police were not only reacting to a suspicious box, but to a suspicious item inside the suspicious box.