Northwest Iceland dog killer confesses

A person in Iceland’s Westfjords region has admitted to the gruesome drowning of a dog. The story was widely reported in December; along with the shock and sadness it caused in the town of Þingeyri.

The Westfjords police would not confirm whether a man or a woman had confessed; but reported that it was a man. The dog’s body was found in Þingeyri harbour on the 8th December deliberately shackled to two car wheels. The air in the tyres meant they floated and the body was easily discovered.

The police now say their investigation is complete with the confession and the case will proceed to prosecutors an on to court.

The police cited the Icelandic law on the ownership of pets and working animals: “Only vets may put pets to death, except in emergency situations when a vet cannot be reached and the animal’s disease or injury is causing unbearable pain or is terminal”.

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