Icelandic PM calls on left-wing government to finish what it has started

Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir, the Prime Minister of Iceland, says that it is important for the country’s first ever left-wing government to complete the tasks it has set itself. The constitution, fisheries management and the framework programme are all issues that only a left and centrist coalition government can bring about, she says.

The Prime Minister and leader of the Social Democrats used her speech at this weekend’s party meeting to urge her party members to stand firmly together. It is of great importance, she said, for the first left-wing government to finish the big projects it has started. “It should be the legacy of this first left-wing government in Iceland that it has finished the tasks it put on the agenda and intended to complete during its term.”

Jóhanna believes that they are all projects which would be forgotten all about if a right-wing party took over government. She said that the new constitution and a new fisheries management system are among the big projects that the current government has to work urgently to complete.

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