Politicians call for sexual offences law change

A number of Danish politicians are calling for harsher penalties for sexual crimes and an end to the legal absurdity that sees paedophiles and rapists given lesser sentences than minor fraudsters.

The Dansk Folkeparti (DF) is just one of the parties that plans to introduce tougher legislation for such offences.

“We are asking for harsher penalties and minimum sentences,” Peter Skaarup, DF party spokesman, told Ekstra Bladet. “It needs to be done now.”

The former Venstre-Konservative (VK) government started an investigation into the country’s sexual offence laws before leaving office. It is due to be published by Straffelovrødet (the Council for Crime and Punishment) later this year, and while some politicians are awaiting the results, many say it is clear already that things need to change.

“Personal assaults should be punished more severely than economic crimes. The penalties should reflect how violated the victims feel,” said Ole Hækkerup, the legal spokesperson for Socialdemokraterne.

Speaking to Ekstra Bladet, however, lawyer Sysette Vinding Kruse said the current legislation already allows for harsher penalties to be administered if deemed necessary. Kruse added that she does not think changing the law will solve the problem.