H&M Iceland store opening signs a hoax

Second-year students at the Art University of Iceland have caused a stir in Reykjavík by putting advertisements in empty shop windows claiming that H&M and other famous brands will be opening up soon in Iceland.

Hjálmar Ragnarsson, the head of the school, has now confirmed that the advertisements are a wind-up.

One course being taught after the new year mixes all second-year students from all courses together to work on a specific issue. “The goal is to study and discuss among themselves and take on some subject which they find interesting and exciting,” Hjálmar told Vísir.is.

One of the small working groups decided to try and find out what brings happiness to people’s lives. The group discovered from the reaction to their advertisements that H&M does indeed make Icelanders happy. “They found it really interesting to bring attention to what things can make people happy,” Hjálmar said.

He would not rule out that other pranks of this nature will happen in the future; but added that they are done in good humour.

Not everybody was so pleased, however. After Vísir.is reported on the seemingly-real signs saying that H&M was about to open its first store in Iceland, the website’s editors received an angry phone call claiming that the news could have a negative impact on Hagar’s share price. Hagar is Iceland’s biggest retail consortium and has recently been re-registered on the Reykjavík stock exchange.

(Photo: Vísir.is)