Icelandic trawler sinks off Norway, three sailors missing

An Icelandic fishing trawler has sunk in bad weather off the coast of Norway. At the time of writing only one of the four crew members had been located and rescued.

In a sadly ironic twist, the trip to Norway was to have been the trawler’s last, because it was on its way to a Norwegian breakers yard when it hit bad weather and sank.

The name of the trawler has not been made public because one of the four crew members’ next-of-kin has yet to be reached by authorities. It has, however, been confirmed that the ship comes from Siglufjörður. Norwegian media believe all four crew are Icelandic.

The Icelandic and Norwegian coastguards received an emergency call from the ship at 13.30 yesterday, Icelandic time and two Norwegian helicopters were scrambled to the scene; but the long distance from shore and bad weather meant that they needed to stop and re-fuel. It was not until around 17.00 that one crew member was plucked from the cold sea and taken safely to land.

Three others are still missing at the time of writing and the area is said to be experiencing 15 metre waves and high winds.

The Norwegian coastguard says that debris from the ship is visible in the area. A Norwegian military Orion aeroplane arrived at the scene in the evening. The aircraft is equipped with thermal imaging cameras and high-tech radar equipment. A coastguard ship was also on its way.

2nd February update: The survivor has given an extended interview to Icelandic television. See the video with English subtitles, here.

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