The pros and cons of moving from Iceland to Norway

Around 4,500 Icelanders have moved to Norway since the beginning of 2008 and Statistics Iceland figures suggest that 530 Icelanders moved to Norway last year alone.

Norway has been the destination of choice for Icelandic ex-pats looking for better employment and housing following the banking crash.

Given the popularity of moving to Norway, DV decided to compile some figures to find out how much better-off Icelanders in Norway are than their friends back home. There are great differences in daily costs, set charges and wages between the two countries.

A lot of products and services cost more in Norway, while wages there are higher than in Iceland — by as much as 50 percent.

The cost of housing in Norway is more than 70 percent higher than in Iceland and the cost of electricity, water and waste disposal is nearly 80 percent more in Norway. Beer in bars, cafés and nightclubs costs at least one third more in Norway.

There are, DV concludes, more things to take into account than might first meet the eye when deciding whether or not to up sticks and move to Norway for purely economic reasons.