Archetypal foreign visitors to Iceland revealed

Although all different types of tourist visit Iceland from all over the world, the country’s tourist board has this week published survey results which reveal the most “typical” tourists are an American couple, about 40 years-old, who travel to Iceland, without children, for about ten days.

The “typical” couple visit Gullfoss waterfall and Geysir and they purchase goods and services to the tune of ISK 370,000 (EUR 2,296). Furthermore, they intend to visit the country again; if the survey results are to be believed. The Icelandic Tourist Board conducted the research last summer among foreign tourists, Ví reports.

The results of the survey were published on the website of the Ministry of Industry, Energy & Tourism yesterday and the data suggests that 565,000 tourists visited Iceland last year; which is a 15.8 percent increase on the year before. “The importance of the tourism industry is steadily growing for [Icelandic] society and it has reached similar significance to fisheries and heavy industry when it comes to the generation of foreign revenue,” the statement reads.

The hypothetical American couple representing the archetypal visitors to the country organised their trip themselves and used the internet to get information on the country and its people. It was mostly the Icelandic nature and culture which drew them to the country. They hired a car and took trips outside of Reykjavík; for example to the south. They were also enthusiastic about visiting swimming pools and nature baths; as well as going to exhibitions, going whale watching and horse riding. The couple are well educated and earn good money. On their approximately ten-day trip they spend ISK 370,000 (EUR 2,296) on all sorts of goods and services, the research says.

The hypothetical American couple were pleased with their holiday in Iceland and particularly enjoyed Icelandic nature, the Blue Lagoon, Reykjavík and Icelandic hospitality. It therefore comes as little surprise that they hope to return to the country.