Iceland to get new Bishop in June, one candidate already

The Bishop of Iceland has set a time scale for his departure this year and a female priest has already put herself forward as a candidate to replace him.

Sigríður Guðmarsdóttir, the priest in the Reykjavík area of Grafarholt, is only the second woman to try to become Bishop after Auður Eir Vilhjálmsdóttir put herself forward in 1997. This time round (as previously reported on IceNews) it looks likely that several candidates will be women and the next Bishop could very well be the first female head of the Church of Iceland. Some within the church have even described it as inevitable.

Meanwhile it has been revealed that the plan is to inaugurate the new Bishop of Iceland at the synod on Jónsmessa (24th June) this year. Incumbent Bishop Karl Sigurbjörnsson has announced he will step down on the 30th June.

Now a church electoral committee has started working to arrange the election which will be open to around 500 people within the church. An exact date for the election has not yet been set.

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