Icelandic celebrity accused of rape

A famous Icelandic author, television personality and lifestyle pin-up has been accused of rape and will likely now be charged.

Egill Einarsson, otherwise known as Gillz, is accused of having raped a young girl late last year and following a police investigation the case has now been passed on to the state prosecutor.

It was reported on 2nd December that Egill and his fiancée had been accused of a sexual crime against the girl. On the same day Egill strongly denied the accusation in a press release, where he said that he was going to sue the girl for her false accusations.

Since then the case has been under investigation by Reykjavík police, but according to the office of the state prosecutor, the case was transferred there yesterday, Ví reported.

Among Gillz’s more conspicuous roles is as the shirtless cover boy on the current edition of the Icelandic phone directory (which features all sorts of different themes from year to year). However, the phone book was removed from circulation in December when the accusations were made public.