Another Iceland government reshuffle on the cards

The number of Icelandic government ministers will drop to eight later this year, the country’s PM says.

When Minister of Energy, Industry and Tourism Katrín Júlíusdóttir returns from maternity leave (probably in August), the cabinet will be reshuffled, Pime Minister Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir says. Katrín will almost certainly be a minister in the new eight-person cabinet; but somebody will lose their portfolio. The Prime Minister made her comments during a parliamentary meeting on the work and direction of the government, yesterday. Jóhanna gave no indication of which minister will lose his/her job, Ví reported.

The government of Iceland has already undergone significant changes in its new year reshuffle, where two ministers were released; leaving a nine-person cabinet. That was the second cabinet shake-up conducted by Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir. One year earlier she dispensed with unelected ministers Gylfi Magnússon and Ragna Árnadóttir, who were both enlisted to govern in their professional capacities at the height of the crisis. Gylfi is a respected economist, and Ragna a lawyer.

When the current government was elected the Prime Minister chose to have a cabinet of 12 ministers; meaning that an eight-person cabinet will be fully one third smaller. The Prime Minister will doubtless be hoping it is also one third more efficient and one third less argumentative.