Reykjavík police in cannabis drugs sting

Reykjavík police this morning released details of two raids on premises last night where they found that cannabis plants were being grown.

The drugs operation was discovered in the east of the city. The police confiscated the plants and arrested four people in connection.

In both cases the plants were being grown in residential blocks. In one of the flats police found 70 cannabis plants, as well as an array of cosmetics which police believe were stolen, Ví reports.

It was at the first address that police officers found clues leading them to the second address, where 18 cannabis plants were found. Two were arrested at each location and both are previously known to police.

Police sources say they are increasingly worried about cannabis production in residential buildings because of the fire risk. They say moisture from the plants can short circuit electrics, causing a fire – as has apparently happened recently.

The Icelandic police are extremely serious about drugs and raids such as this happen very regularly and always make the local headlines. Sometimes they find only two or three plants; but suspects are arrested nevertheless. What is noteworthy about this case is that the suspects were all named as being of Asian origin.