Polar bear in Danish zoo becomes internet sensation

Siku, a polar bear infant being raised at a zoo in Kolind, Denmark, is winning the hearts of people around the world.

Watched over by caretakers at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park, the bear has accrued millions of views on Youtube. Precious videos of Siku feature the small mammal being bottle fed by zookeepers because Siku’s mother has not yet been able to produce any milk. The tiny bear’s Facebook page already has in excess of 20,000 followers.

Frank Vigh-Larsen, zoo director at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park, said, “Our polar bear female, Ilka, had a cub, but after two days we decided to immobilise her because the cub was constantly screaming and being very unsettled.” He went on to say, “Ilka had absolutely no milk, so instead of leaving the cub to die we decided to try to bottle feed it. It is now 30 days old and weighs 3.2 kilogrammes, 2.4 kilogrammes more than at birth, and is thriving.”

Siku, who is still both deaf and blind, is the latest addition to a global programme working to raise polar bears in captivity. Vigh-Larson said that Siku would soon join other bears in what he said was the largest polar bear facility in the world, at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park near Kolind.
“We are convinced that it will be possible for Siku to become a normal functioning polar bear within a few years, so he can live together with the other polar bears in the park,” Vigh-Larson added.

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