Swede finds wedding ring in garden 15 years after losing it

A Swedish woman has re-discovered her lost wedding 15 years after it went missing when she pulled up a carrot that was ‘wearing’ it.

Lena Pahlsson of Dalarna lost the white gold band, which contains seven diamonds, in 1995 after losing track of it on the kitchen worktop. At that time, Lena and her husband searched the kitchen for hours, looking below appliances and behind floorboards before they finally decided to give up.

But when the woman went to her garden to retrieve the last of the year’s remaining carrots ahead of her yearly Christmas baking, she got a wonderful surprise when she saw the wedding ring wrapped around one of the vegetables. Lena told a local newspaper that she had screamed with joy when she discovered the ring, prompting her daughter Anna to rush outside in concern that her mother was injured.

Lena and her family now have a solid theory as to how the ring ended up in the garden. They believe the ring accidentally got mixed up with kitchen scraps before they fed them to their sheep, whose manure they often use to fertilise the vegetable patch.

Lena told reporters that she has not yet been able to wear the ring because her fingers have grown, with the family having opted to simply keep it in a safe place.

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