Iceland’s newest political party gets shiny new name

The new political party formed by ex-Progressive Party independent MP Guðmundur Steingrímsson and the Best Party will be called Bright Future, and its initials will be BF – the same as the Best Party’s initials in Icelandic.

A press statement from the new party says that Guðmundur, the Best Party and individuals all over Iceland have been working hard to launch the new political force. The name was chosen in a competition, and some 2,000 people entered.

Six people sent in the chosen name, Bright Future (Björt Framtíð). They were: Birnir Sveinson, Ólafur Sigurðsson, Kjartan Már Ómarsson, Sigurjón Sigurgeirsson, Egill Egilsson and Runólfur Þór Andrésson, DV reports.

The party statement says the name Bright Future is also a statement of intent; to work towards a brighter future in the big issues and the small alike. It continues, saying that a bright future is not yet guaranteed and the basis of the economy must be stable so it will be possible to build up a good and lasting standard of living across the whole country. Resources need to bring sustainable profit to society, democracy needs to be active and well-informed, the welfare and education systems should be world leading, the economy diverse, and last but not least society-wide debate and discussion must be fairer and more constructive.

It says that it is worrying that surveys suggest so many young people intend to move overseas; probably because they do not see a bright enough future in Iceland. Bright Future, as a party, sets out to change that.

The party says its name is also directly linked to environmental matters.

Will the City of Reykjavík’s ruling party of artists and comedians, the Best Party (Besti Flokkurinn), stand for national elections next year? That has been a question circulating in the media for at least a year. Now it seems the answer is both yes and no. But with Bright’s Future’s significantly-chosen ‘BF’ initials; the answer is probably more yes than no.

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