Reykjavík used 2,400 litres of hot water per second

Reykjavík Energy provided 74.7 million tonnes of hot water to its customers in the Icelandic capital and neighbouring towns last year; which is equivalent to 2,400 litres per second all year round.

The figure is around a million tonnes more than in 2010, which the company says is partly, or totally, explained by the fact that 2011 was colder than 2010. The average Reykjavík temperature in 2010 was 0.5°C warmer than in 2011, Ví reports.

At the end of 2010 Reykjavík Energy opened its new hot water pumping station from the Hellisheið geothermal power station. The new plant makes the city’s water supply more reliable and one tenth of last year’s hot water came from Hellisheiði.

“Hot water use in the capital region in December 2011 was around a million tonnes more than in December 2010, as the average [outside] temperature was two degrees lower. In November 2011 hot water use was, however, 1.3 million tonnes less than in the same month in 2010, so that it can be said the cold in December was not able to outweigh the heat in November,” a statement on the energy company’s website states.