Iceland Special Prosecutor brings accounting crime charges against five more

It has been revealed that just before Christmas Iceland’s special prosecutor brought charges against five people accused of tax evasion in their work lives.

As reported earlier this month, charges were also brought against Lárus Welding and Guðmundur Hjaltason for breach of trust in loan issues to Milestone before the economic crash. These were, however, not the Special Prosecutor’s only charges in December, it has been revealed.

According to Ví none of the five people charged during the festive period are connected to the three large failed banks. Their cases were instead brought to the Special Prosecutor’s office when it merged this September with the economic crimes unit of the Icelandic police.

Ólafur Þór Hauksson, the Special Prosecutor, told reporters that each of the five individuals have been charged for their alleged deliberate under-calculation of taxes payable from the companies they work/ed for. He said the charges were laid in the week before Christmas.

None of the five are well-known, or famous, individuals and the sums involved in their crimes run only to millions of krónur, instead of billions; making their cases small in comparison to many others the Special Prosecutor is pursuing.