Multi car pile up in western Iceland

There was a serious multi-car accident on Route 1 in West Iceland yesterday evening; long delays affected travellers.

According to Ví, five people were rushed to hospital after the five car pile-up at around 18.00 on Boxing Day evening. Meanwhile RÚV reported that it was in fact a six car pile-up and that two people were taken to hospital.

Fire fighters had to use cutting equipment to free some of the trapped travellers and the main road in western Iceland was closed in both directions near to Álfsnes. There is no alternative route in the area and many cars were therefore delayed by the accident for over two hours.

RÚV reports that at first two cars crashed together in the slippery conditions and then the other three or four were unable to stop in time. All of the vehicles are seriously damaged; some of them irreparably. Four ambulances and a fire brigade technical vehicle were sent to the scene.

Nobody died in the accident and traffic was allowed to pass the scene again at around 20.00.