Bakers in trouble for undeclared dough

A series of raids by Denmark’s tax authority have revealed that a huge proportion of bakers are not declaring their ‘dough’.

The sting, which was carried out by Skat to address issues of payroll fraud within the baking industry, found that 43 out of 47 employees at 24 different bakeries were illegal workers. Of that 91 percent, 15 of the naughty kneaders were also claiming benefits.

According to broadcaster DR, it was the employees’ half-baked excuses that riled the tax collectors most. “One explained that he had just come down to the bakery to bake a cake for his son, whose birthday it was,” said Skat manager Lisbet Hedelund. “Another had apparently just popped in to make a batch of breakfast rolls for his family.”

The authority concluded that as many as four out of five bakery workers are not permitted to be employed in Denmark. Erik Ellitsgaard from the country’s bakers’ guild, however, was quick to steer the blame away from any of its members.

“It’s incredibly destructive – not just for the bakers, but also for Danish society,” Ellitsgaard told DR. “But we very much want to have a closer dialogue with Skat, because that’s not how we do things,” he added.

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