Iceland dog death suspects go AWOL

The chief suspects in the recent gruesome ‘murder’ by drowning of a dog in northwest Iceland have gone missing. Police are looking for them but stopped short of saying they have gone on the run.

“We intended to work on this case this morning, but the accused has left town, so we need to find them,” says Westfjords police chief Önundur Jónsson, whose team has been investigating the nasty case in the town of Þingeyri.

DV has been following the case since it first happened on the 8th December, when the body of the black dog was found drowned, tied to two car wheels floating in Þingeyri harbour. The reason for killing the dog has not yet come to light; but revenge is one possible answer.

The police chief would not go so far as to say that the accused, who live in Þingeyri, have gone on the run, but said: “They have completely vanished and we are coming up empty”.

Police are still waiting for results of a post mortem examination on the dog.

“We have already had the cause of death confirmed but more forensic avenues are being investigated,” Önundur told DV.

He would not publicly state the cause of death and said he will not do so until the accused have been found and questioned. It is, however, assumed likely the dog died by drowning.

The heartless, and apparently pointless, nature of the dog’s death have elicited strong interest in the case and when the death was initially reported it was one of the week’s most-read stories on IceNews.

Two disturbing pictures of the dog can be seen here.