Tórshavn street goes back in time to Christmas past

A whole street in the Faroe Islands capital has been sealed off in an attempt to recreate Christmas spirit, old style.

The Faroese capital, Tórshavn’s old main street, called Bringsnagøta, is closed to all motor-driven vehicles during the Advent period and has instead become Christmas Street.

Walking down the street it can be hard to tell which century one is in — not only because of Tórshavn’s old houses, but also because a deliberate effort has been made to tidy away as many signs of modernity as possible.

The Christmas Street project is designed to create an atmosphere and to transport visitors back in time, organisers say. Shops along the street are willing participants in the scheme and stepping into them is like stepping into last century and into an ‘adventureland’ to boot; as RÚV describes it.

The best-known Faroese author, William Heinesen, was born in the pictured building. His father, Zacharias, was a merchant. His assistant, Katarina Christiansen took over the shop when Zacharias opened a location elsewhere in Tórshavn.

Today the shop, and the others on Bringsnagøta are a real cultural and peaceful oasis; set in a very old part of town, the street is a refuge from the hustle and bustle of modern Christmas preparations.

(Photo taken from RÚV.is)