Lithuanian children in Iceland come together for their Christmas party

Christmas is a time full of national cultural niches and ex-pats around the world diligently try to recreate elements of festivities from their homeland; however well-integrated they may be for the rest of the year. Icelanders and Iceland are no exception to this rule — and nor are foreigners living in Iceland. This weekend the Lithuanian Icelandic Community held its annual children’s Christmas party, and it was more fun than ever.

On Saturday more than 70 Lithuanian children living in Iceland gathered for their much-anticipated Christmas celebration. And they weren’t disappointed, as the one-and-only Grandfather Christmas (as Santa Claus is called in Lithuanian) arrived at the very beginning of the festival.

Children and parents were entertained with a festive performance from a Lithuanian music group in Iceland, and children from the Lithuanian Sunday school also presented their play to unanimously positive reviews.

Soon the party turned to dancing, music and laughter and Grandfather Christmas took time to talk with each child individually, giving presents even to the youngest members of the celebration; who were as young as three months old.

This big event — the Christmas celebration for Lithuanian children — has taken place every Christmas for the last four years and was organised by the Lituanian Icelandic Community. This year the celebration was supported by the City of Reykjavík.

The Lithuanian – Icelandic Community was established in 2008. It was the brainchild of Inga Minelgaite. The current chairperson of the community is Lolita Urboniene.

Photos by Robertas Mickevicius (click to enlarge):

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