50-year smoker loses cigarette company case

A Danish man who encountered health problems after 50 years of smoking has lost his legal fight against the tobacco company he favoured.

Allan Lykke Jensen told the Copenhagen High Court that although he knew it was unhealthy to smoke, House of Prince cigarettes contained more nicotine than stated and additives that had a greater effect on him. He also said that the brand’s ventilation system, developed to reduce the intake or tar, was designed so it was unconsciously blocked by the smoker.

Due to its status as a test case, the matter was brought before the High Court in its first instance. Mr Jensen told TV2 after the verdict that although he was unhappy with the decision, he hopes it might still lead to stricter rules being brought on the tobacco industry.

“My lawyer received a letter from the health minister this morning in which she said that she intended to regulate the tobacco industry, so perhaps there is some victory there,” Jensen said.