Demark undecided on euro crisis

Denmark’s prime minister is yet to decide whether to join an agreement between the 17 Eurozone countries and most other EU countries in a bid to save the troubled currency.

Helle Thorning-Schmidt said the matter must be brought to Parliament before the Danes agree to opt in or out of the scheme.

The treaty will see most European Union countries sign up to an accord of intergovernmental fiscal agreements, after negotiations between all 27 EU nations to change the Lisbon Treaty broke down when the British prime minister used his veto.

“Obviously we will have to discuss the issue with Parliament as to whether we join or not,” Thorning-Schmidt told Ritzau. “Denmark has a euro opt-out. We cannot become part of anything until we have discussed the issue with Parliament,” she added.

The agreement was reached between the 17 euro countries last week, with as many as nine further EU nations without the euro (including Denmark according to early reports) also said to be joining the plan. Europe Minister Nicolai Wammen and Thorning-Schmidt both say that no decision has yet been reached, however.

“The 17 euro countries are continuing to negotiate and have invited some countries, including Denmark, to listen to their ideas. We, of course, will attend to hear what ideas there are for the continued process. That is not the same as Denmark taking part in negotiations,” said Wammen in a report by Politiken. “We have said that we will listen to what the 17 euro countries agree on. When we have a full picture we can decide whether we want to join or not,” he added.

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