Northwest Iceland dog killed in disturbing circunmstances

Dýrafjörður, taken from Þingeyri

Police in the Westfjords of Iceland are investigating the brutal ‘murder’ of a dog in the town of Þingeyri. Suspect(s) have been interviewed and townspeople are still in shock.

The police are not yet willing to reveal any details in the case and appear to have little information to go on.

DV first reported on the case after the black dog’s body was found in Þingeyri harbour on Thursday. The dog’s feet had been bound together and he had been tied to two car wheels, which floated due to the air in the tyres. It seems the criminal(s) had no aversion to the body being discovered.

Many residents of the town of Þingeyri are very upset at the highly unusual and particularly heartless killing and a memorial service was held at the harbourside on Saturday. Floating candles were released into the sea.

According to DV sources the Westfjords police instantly came up with at least one suspect and took a statement from the individual or individuals right away on Thursday evening after the crime was reported.

Despite the media buzz around the event, police are keeping tight lipped and little more is known at this stage.

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