Icelandic minister sued for Hell’s Angels remarks

Iceland’s Minister of the Interior is standing his ground against the Hell’s Angels. The bikers’ club has subpoenaed the minister for his comments that the Hell’s Angels are a global organised crime group.

Einar Marteinsson, the leader of the Vítisenglar, or Hell’s Angels Iceland, is suing interior minister Ögmundur Jónasson; Haraldur Johannesson, police chief; and the Icelandic state for libel. Einar refused to discuss the details of the case with RÚV. He has previously threatened to sue the minister for “falsely” claiming the Hell’s Angels to be a criminal gang. Ögmundur was handed the subpoena at the end of Friday’s cabinet meeting.

Ögmundur told reporters there is good reason for describing the Hell’s Angels as a criminal organisation and said he will not take his words back.