Iceland to implement European food laelling rules

Huge changes are on the horizon for how Icelandic food producers will have to label their products, as the country adopts new European standards designed to help consumers make informed food purchasing decisions.

The new rules are due to be taken up ‘very soon’, according to the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority, and will replace current guidelines on how to mark foods with nutritional information and other advice.

The new rules are the result of years of work within the European Union aimed at optimising food labels. The result of the project is called ‘Food Information to Consumers’ and it is hoped the new standards will ease shoppers’ decisions by making nutritional information easier to understand, giving basic information on how healthy products are and giving detailed ingredients – with emphasis on potential allergens, Ví reported.

As well as changing the look of existing nutritional information tables, the new rules also broaden the range of products which will need to carry such information.