Man’s best friend an enemy to lampposts

A Finnish energy company has blamed dogs for corroding the capital’s lampposts when marking their territory. Helsingin Energia claims it is constantly having to replace damaged metallic items due to decay caused by urine.

Although painting lampposts and fences does reduce the problem, the company said that the smelly deposits wear away hot galvanized and aluminium items, causing potential danger for pedestrians and drivers if they collapse. They are appealing to dog owners, pointing out the it costs around EUR 10,000 to replace lampposts and EUR 500 for new park fences.

Speaking to YLE, Helsingin Energia lighting manager Olli Markkanen said, “We have had to replace many lamp posts because of corrosion. Hopefully dog owners will take their pets elsewhere to make their presence known.”

Many dog owners have, however, taken offence to the accusation that their pooches are to blame, claiming the problem may just as easily be caused by humans caught short in the street.