Breivik wanted 700 death toll

Further leaks of confidential police documents have revealed that confessed mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik hoped to kill almost 10 times as many people in his 22nd July attacks in Norway.

The right-wing extremist, who slaughtered 77 people in a bombing and a subsequent shooting spree earlier this year, said in the “best case” scenario the death toll would have reached 700.

The 32 year-old saw Utøya Island, where he opened fire at a Labour Party youth camp, as “a weapon of mass destruction as the youths could be frightened into jumping in the water and drowning,” according to ABC Nyheter. The new information also suggests that the island massacre was Breivik’s ‘plan B’, as he apparently only went there after hearing that his earlier car bombing had failed to topple government buildings in Oslo.

In addition, the documents describe the precision with which the killer selected his ammunition. He claims his Glock 17 gun was loaded with alternating rounds of Full Metal Jacket bullets, which can pierce bulletproof vests, and Soft Point and Sliver Tip varmint bullets, which explode on impact. Notes made by police during the interview suggest Breivik thought, “he would have defeated those wearing bulletproof vests before he got to Utøya where the targets were without them”, and that he picked the ammunition based on weight, precision and penetrating effect.

Speaking to Dagbladet, one of the Utøya survivors, Mathias Eckhoff, described his injuries. “I was hit in the groin, thigh, and ankle,” he said. “He used bullets that divided when they hit. The entry wound was normal, but the hospital told me the internal injuries were more extensive than ordinary bullets would have caused.”

This is a second wave of leaks from the secret documents, which were only meant to been seen by police and lawyers. Last week, the media reported that Breivik had planned to kill the country’s former Prime Minister, the foreign minister and the head of the Labour Youth Movement.