Iceland braced for very cold week

The weather right across Iceland is getting colder and will continue to do so over the coming days. The mercury in Hvanneyri could dip as low as -18°C on Wednesday and even Reykjavík is expecting -13°C.

South Iceland on Wednesday is predicted to see minus 16 and minus 12 in Egilsstaðir.

Cold air is being channelled over the country this week by Arctic winds from the north. Snow is expected to lie untroubled on the ground all week and even longer; as any above-zero temperatures will be short lived and only in the daytime.

Meteorologist Þorsteinn V. Jónsson told Ví that northerlies will dominate from today and into the foreseeable future. “It will be pretty fresh this week, especially on Tuesday and Wednesday,” he says.

Þorsteinn explains that very light cloud cover, as is forecast in coming days, allows a lot of heat to escape, making the weather even colder than if there was thick cloud.

“It will be totally white this week over the whole country. I don’t think the snow will melt at all,” Þorsteinn says; adding that the weather looks as though it will change over the weekend and warmer air will come into the south.

A lot of heavy snowfall is expected today and tomorrow especially, meaning deep snow in most places which will take a lot of melting, even if next week does prove to be a lot warmer.