IceNews changes alphabet, read all about it here!

Regular readers will begin seeing subtle changes to the writing on IceNews as we begin presenting the names of people and places as they actually are, with all the accents, umlauts and special characters included.

The idea that people are easily confused by áccénts and ümläüts is pretty insulting to ‘people’ and the added information they provide allows for non-native speakers to pronounce things correctly. You can click on the below pronunciation guides for more information:

Greenlandic (although Greenlandic does not use any accents or special characters)

Another reason for avoiding special characters has always been that search engines do not like them. We hope, however, that this is less true than it once was. We will continue to use simplified spelling in tags in order to make searching easier.

Another change is that Icelanders will now be referred to by their first names and not their last names. This is standard in Icelandic-language media and is because most Icelanders use patronymics instead of surnames. This means that to write ‘Prime Minister Sigurðardóttir’ actually means ‘Prime Minister Daughter of Sigurður’…something which rather distracts attention from Jóhanna herself and gives her father all the credit (or criticism).

On the Icelandic market, our colleagues at The Grapevine have always used Icelandic letters and Iceland Review last week followed suit in a touching celebration of Icelandic Language Day. We at IceNews like to give credit where it is due and are not above jumping aboard a good bandwagon!

At this stage the change is on a trial basis, so we would love to hear your comments and opinions below.

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